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Flat Screen Refurbishment-REFOX Desktop Multi-function Laminating Machine

The repair of flat-screen refurbishment is commonly seen in the aftermarket. The normal refurbished process includes display separation, lamination, and debubbling. These are necessary for the repair. How do we improve work efficiency? It's suggested to make good use of the high-tech repair machine to help release the repair difficulty and advance the repair benefit at the same time.


Several refurbished machines are widely known in the market, such as bubble remover, screen separator, laminating machine, etc. But most of them work independently, which costs us time and energy. However, REFOX FM-30 Desktop Multi-function Laminating Machine is a brand new three-in-one machine combined with the above functions, separation, lamination, and debubbling. It's small, lightweight, and convenient for repair shops.


REFOX FM-30 Desktop Multi-function Laminating Machine is integrated with separation, lamination, and debubbling functions. Besides, it's inserted with a silent air compressor and vacuum pump. So one machine equals five inside. And this machine is designed as being stable and durable.



Next, we can see its advantages. Its system is intelligent touch operation. The temperature is adjustable on the screen. It heats up evenly. The best function we should know about it is that lamination and debubbling can work together at one time. The separating workbench is within only one hole on the surface. Still, it's better than the multi-holes because it's inserted with a powerful vacuum pump, and the suction is excellent. So we can separate the screen easily with its help. You just need to press the suction-start button to turn it on.

This machine can apply to all the flat screen mobiles, such as iPhone and Android phones. It can also refurbish the iPads, including 9.7 inches and below. So it's recommended the repair shops can fix the broken screen or screen refurbishment with the FM-30 Desktop Multi-function Laminating Machine.


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Is incell necessarily better than outcell?

There are various kinds of iPhone replacement screen with uneven quality, which makes many consumers confused while placing orders.

According to different structures of the touch panel, the screen assembly can be divided into incell, oncell and outcell. The biggest difference is the position of the touch panel. Incell's touch panel is embedded in the glass substrate, oncell is above the glass substrate and under the polarizer, while outcell is above the polarizer and under the glass lens.

It is widely acknowledged that incell is the best screen assembly. However, that’s not entirely true. In this article, we will focus on comparing incell with outcell to see if incell is necessarily better than outcell.

OEM screens are undoubtedly the best option for iPhone screen replacement. OEM screen assemblies of iPhone X and higher ones all feature outcell structure.

The difference between outcell and incell is their touch stucture. The overall effect of the screen has to be determined by resolution, brightness, color gamut, backlight, etc.

If the outcell is not working, you can just replace the touch panel. Since incell's touch panel is embedded in the glass substrate, the screen assembly might be scrapped if the incell is not working.

For outcell of iPhone X and iPhone 11, the camera ring is integrated with the bezel, which increases accuracy and fixes Face ID not working for some users after installation.

To sum up, incell is not necessarily better than outcell. We have to look into every factor while selecting iPhone replacement screen besides the structure. Even Apple recognizes outcell as it uses it on iPhone X and higher ones. Furthermore, because of its structure, outcell is more repairable than incell and some outcells have included integrated parts to bring convenient installation.

REFOX Subscribed Version Bitmap--The best repair assistant

A bitmap is the primary repair software in the motherboard repairing area, which can help us search out the issue point. As you all know, REFOX Bitmap was publicly released in 2019, it covers 236 countries and areas, and more than 110,000 users have joined us. The new subscribed version has been updated with more functions and rich content compared to the old version. Now let's explore it.





Firstly, we can download the app on REFOX's official website: https://www.refoxteam.com/download-bitmap

After registration, we need to sign up, and if you are an old user, you can use the original account to log in. There are three different packages we can choose from REFOX Bitmap. You will receive an activated number after the payment.



REFOX Bitmap Subscribed Version supports more than 2000 models, including MacBook, iPhone, and Android. This software has abundant diagram types covering bitmap, schematic, components distribution, and circuit block diagram.



Let's move on to the interface of the software. Its interface is straightforward with full features. REFOX Bitmap is updated monthly, and we can check out the update log below.


Split View&Multi View


Here's the double view function. It's able to check the bitmap and schematic at the same time while repairing, which is convenient and efficient for your work. What if you work for various motherboard types, and you hope to check them out one by one? No worries, REFOX Bitmap offers you multi-page at a time. It can switch to different pages in the same interface, making it easier to check out your project.



Save to Your Favourites

You can save the bitmap you use very often or the necessary ones into the favorites, making it easy to find it next time. The favorite folder is on the left side of the interface.


Quick Search

If you want to locate a bitmap, input the motherboard name or number to find the bitmap you wish. This function can help us easily locate the bitmap quickly.


Color Template Setting

Based on maintenance needs and usage habits, you can set the color template to a particular mode. It's easy to get started.


Case Sharing and Feedback

If you have any problems when using the software, you can upload your feedback at any time. And it's encouraged that subscribers could share their repair case with REFOX Bitmap Team. In this way, more and more users will benefit from your sharing and good advice for REFOX Team to make it better.



Lastly, it's time to update your REFOX bitmap version for the old users. And it's a good chance for the maintenance to try this advanced software, which will be your best assistant for your repair career.