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REFOX RS50 Mobile Phone Opener and Clamp Fixture

Jun 01, 2022

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There are many tools commonly used by mobile phone repair shops to fix or change cracked/broken mobile screens. For Example, adjustable screen fixing clip fixture,  suction cup open hand tool, screen separator, etc. But most of them are only within a single function. So, we usually apply an opener on the screen first and then use another clamp fixture tool to press the screen. The old way we used to replace a new screen is using a rubber band to long-press it. However, it takes so much time and makes the customers wait unavoidably.
Today, we recommend you a brand new machine with both functions, opening and pressing. REFOX RS-50 is a Screen Opening and Press Clamp Fixture, which can efficiently remove and press mobile phones. It is available to dismantle various mobile phone screens, press different back covers, etc. We will tell you the features of a product as below:

Refox mobile phone opener and clamp fixture, mobile phone opener

refox rs50, mobile phone opener

High-quality aluminum alloy, durable to use

refox mobile phone opener and clamp fixture


Adjustable design, compatible with all types of flat screen

refox rs50 features

Big size, strong suction, not easy to fall off

refox rs50, refox mobile opener, clamp fixture

All-round EVA foam protecting from shock, safe and scratch-free

refox rs50, refox mobile opener, clamp fixture

Four ball guide sets uniform force to make the frame glue fit better

refox rs50, refox mobile opener, clamp fixture

Unique slot design, no damage to the frame

refox rs50, refox mobile opener, clamp fixture

And its wide application on:
Remove the phone screen

Remove phone screen, refox rs50

Separate the back cover 

refox rs50, remove back cover

Adhesive Bonding

adhesive bonding

Rewa Tech is always dedicated to providing excellent customer service. If there any confusion or want to know more please contact us service@rewa.tech

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