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No More Soldering: The Simple Solution to Fixing Face ID on Your iPhone

With the introduction of the iPhone X in 2017, Apple Inc. introduced the Face ID feature. This feature improved the security of the Apple iPhone by almost 20 times compared to Touch ID while also providing additional convenience for the user. Since then, Apple has released several models of iPhones and iPads that come with the Face ID feature. However, it can be troublesome when Face ID is not working, causing inconvenience.

There are some traditional methods for fixing Face ID issues that involve disassembling the phone, welding, and aligning the device, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive. To solve this problem, REWA Tech introduced the latest and innovative REFOX RP30 multi-functional programmer. The RP30 can not only solve iPhones with Face ID issues, but it can also restore battery health and the true tone function of iPhones. It is our belief that by mastering the use of this device and technique, one will be able to greatly increase the efficiency of iPhone repairs.


How to Fix iPhone Face ID

REWA Tech understands the complexity of the Face ID repair or solution for iPhones, which is why we have designed a very simple solution for you to use. The only thing you need to do is to follow a few simple steps in order to resolve the issue.

Step 1. Preliminary judgment

The first thing we need to confirm is whether the failure of Face ID was caused by the dot fusion projector or not. So we turn on the phone to check Face ID. The screen shows that there is a problem detected with the TrueDepth camera. Face ID has been disabled. Then we dial the number to see if the proximity sensor and flood illuminator work properly. While focusing, the camera shows move farther away when set to portrait mode. Therefore, we can make a preliminary judgment that the issue of Face ID failure is caused by the dot fusion projector.

Step 2. Testing

After judgment, place the phone screen face down on top of the heating pad to heat it. We choose to use a screen opener to take the screen off and remove the battery and Face ID.


Next, put the battery and screen back into the phone and connect the phone to the computer. Then link the Face ID to the RP30 Projector for testing. The results show that the dot projector was fused. So we can use the latest solution to repair it.

Step 3. Fixing

Back up the data on the dot projector and connect the programmer to the high-voltage power cable.


Click activate and wait for the activation process to be completed. After the activation process, snap the dot projector cable onto the programmer and then write in the data that has been previously backed up. Then remove the dot project cable and snap the Face ID.

Be sure to pay attention to the folding process. If you have doubts about this, you can check our video or contact us for further discussion.


Step 4. Check

Connect the Face ID to the programmer again for the test. The test result is normal. Put Face ID back on the phone and install the battery and screen. Turn the phone on to test. Face ID can be set normally and unlocked successfully.


Above is the latest Face ID repair solution shared. Since this is a very simple and easy-to-follow solution that requires no soldering, level 2 technicians can now easily correct complex Face ID problems.

To Summarize

Fixing Face ID issues on an iPhone used to be a complicated process that required disassembling the phone and performing complex operations. However, with the introduction of the RP30 multi-functional programmer, level 2 technicians can now easily fix complex Face ID problems without soldering or complicated operations. This not only saves time but also reduces labor costs, making it an excellent choice for cell phone repair shops looking to improve their efficiency and customer satisfaction.

The no-soldering solution for fixing Face ID represents a significant advancement in the field of phone repairs. The step-by-step process for using the RP30 programmer is easy to follow, and the results are impressive.

The Booming Cell Phone Repair Industry: Statistics, Trends, and Future Prospects

The smartphone is no longer a luxury or a fashion item, but rather a part of our everyday lives. From morning till night, we use it to check the weather before going outside, follow our daily routine, contact friends and family, access the internet, and so on. Unfortunately, we only truly understand how important it is when it breaks or shows faulty results.

In recent years, the cell phone repair industry has seen unprecedented growth. This is primarily due to the increasing number of smartphone users worldwide and the rising cost of the latest devices. In this article, we will explore the current trends and statistics in the cell phone repair industry and its future prospects.

Smartphone Statistics You Must Know

In an effort to find out interesting statistics about the smartphone, REWA Tech discovered the following.

  • 85% of Americans own a smartphone, while Nigeria has the lowest ownership rate at 19.7%.
  • Global smartphone users are expected to reach 6.8 billion in 2023, a 4.2% increase from 2022.
  • The average smartphone adoption rate over the past five years is 5%.
  • China has the highest number of smartphone users.
  • People spend an average of 3 hours and 15 minutes on their phones each day.
  • Average smartphone usage is 3 hours and 15 minutes per day
  • Filipinos spend the highest average time on their smartphones, while the Japanese spend less time.
  • Android is the most used operating system.
  • Apple and Samsung are the most popular phone brands.

The Growth of the Cell Phone Repair Industry

The cell phone repair industry has been on an upward trend for the past few years, driven by the increasing popularity of smartphones. According to research, annual spending on new smartphone hardware currently exceeds 370 billion US dollars. Furthermore, the global cell phone repair industry is expected to reach $210 billion by 2023. This is primarily due to the rising number of smartphone users and the high cost of new smartphones.

With smartphones becoming more expensive, many users are opting to repair their devices instead of replacing them. Additionally, the increasing number of smartphone users worldwide has contributed to the growth of the repair industry, as more people seek out repair services for their devices.

Trends in the Cell Phone Repair Industry

The cell phone repair industry has undergone significant changes in recent years, primarily due to advancements in smartphone technology. Some of the current trends in the cell phone repair industry include:

  • Increased complexity of smartphone technology: As smartphones become more complex, it has become more challenging to repair them. This trend has led to the emergence of specialized repair technicians who are trained to handle complex repairs.
  • Growing demand for same-day repair services: With the increasing reliance on smartphones, customers are looking for quick and efficient repair services. This trend has led to the emergence of same-day repair services, which are becoming increasingly popular among customers.
  • Increased competition from manufacturers: Smartphone manufacturers are now offering repair services, which is putting pressure on independent repair businesses. To remain competitive, cell phone repair businesses will need to offer high-quality services at competitive prices.
  • Samsung Patent Suit: Samsung filed a lawsuit to prevent imports of non-Samsung OLED phone screens. This could put independent phone repair shops out of business by preventing the import of replacement screens from offshore regions like China.

The Future of the Cell Phone Repair Industry

In 2021, Apple launched a self-service program that allows you to fix or repair your iPhone yourself. Following this, other cell phone brands are also seeking to expand their self-service programs. For example, earlier this year Nokia partnered with iFixit, and Samsung is also planning to launch a self-repair program, but only in India for now. However, the main problem is that in most cases, it becomes more expensive than buying a new phone. Therefore, there is no doubt that individual users will find a technician or repair shop to fix or repair their cell phone issues.

Unfortunately, most manufacturers make their devices so complex that only technicians can fix or repair them. Some companies even produce non-repairable products, but the good news is that governments in many countries are trying to regulate this by making products more repairable to reduce electronic waste. New York passed a right-to-repair bill in December, and many other US states and EU countries are also considering passing similar laws. The benefits of this will largely go to repair shops, which will create more investment in this field.

According to Statista, the number of people who own cell phones worldwide has exceeded 6.5 billion, and the number is expected to increase to 7.6 billion by 2027. Since the advent of the cell phone, the phone repair market has been growing every year. It is likely that the demand for repair services will continue to rise as smartphones and other mobile devices become more popular.

Market Insights published a research in 2021, which claimed the value of the smartphone repair market was $185 billion. And it is expected to grow to over $260 billion by 2026. This is a clear indication of the growth of the cell phone repair industry.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: Is the Cell Phone Repair Business Profitable?

A1: Currently, the mobile phone repair industry in the United States is valued at $4 billion, which is expected to continue growing. The average cell phone repair business earns between $50,000 and $80,000 per year, with growth potential increasing as the business expands.

Q2: What are the Most Common Cell Phone Repairs?

A2: The most common cell phone repairs include screen replacement, battery replacement, water damage repair, charging port replacement or swaps, and camera replacement.

Q3: How much does it cost to repair a smartphone?

A3: The cost of repairing a smartphone varies depending on the severity of the damage, the model of the device, the location, and the technician. An average smartphone repair is estimated to cost between $50 and $400. It is always recommended that you discuss the repair price before performing the repair.

Q4: Can I repair my smartphone myself?

A5: While it's possible to carry out certain smartphone repairs at home with the help of our step-by-step video guide, we strongly recommend that you seek assistance from a professional technician due to the inherent risks involved. Attempting to fix your smartphone on your own can potentially result in further damage and may even void your warranty.

Q6: How long does it take to repair a smartphone?

A6: The repair time for a smartphone can vary depending on several factors, such as the specific issue with the device, the availability of replacement parts, and the expertise of the technician performing the repair. Some repairs may take just a few hours, while others may take several days. It's advisable to consult with a qualified technician for a more accurate estimate of the repair time for your particular smartphone issue.


In conclusion, the cell phone repair industry is a growing market with promising future prospects. The industry has seen significant growth in recent years, driven by the increasing popularity of smartphones and the high cost of new devices. While the future looks promising, businesses in this industry will need to keep up with the latest trends and advancements in smartphone technology to remain competitive.

With the rapidly growing cell phone repair parts market, REWA recognizes the need to capitalize on this opportunity. In order to do so, the company plans to utilize new technologies and focus on providing exceptional customer service. By staying ahead of the curve and embracing emerging technologies, REWA aims to offer cutting-edge repair solutions that meet the evolving needs of its customers. 





101 Creative Mobile Phone Repair Shop Names That Will Catch Your Eye

Like any other business, starting a mobile phone repair shop business needs a well-thought-out plan. However, the biggest challenge, though, is coming up with a memorable and attractive shop name for your business that expresses your level of expertise while still being easy to remember.

We at REWA Tech have found that it can be challenging for our customers to choose the right name for their mobile phone repair shop. As a result, we have come to help our prestigious clients globally. This blog article will be helpful whether you are starting your first mobile phone repair shop or want to change your brand name for better performance. 

Looking back at history, it is evident that choosing a catchy or fitting name for a business can be a challenging task. For instance, TheFacebook changed its name to Facebook and later to Meta, Google rebranded as Alphabet, Apple Computer became Apple, McAfee transformed into Intel Security, and tobacco giant Philip Morris renamed Altria, among others.

How to Choose a Catchy Mobile Phone Repair Shop Name?

Let's get to the point: how to choose a name for a mobile phone repair shop that is both attractive and easy to remember? In fact, there are many ways in which you can choose a suitable name for your business. Let's discuss this further.

Location-Based Names

Small businesses looking to have a strong local presence can find it particularly advantageous to include a location in their mobile phone shop name. Customers are more likely to remember the shop name and connect it with a particular area if the name of the city or neighborhood is included.

A well-known online marketplace eBay was originally known as "AuctionWeb," but its name was changed to eBay (short for "Echo Bay") as its creator Pierre Omidyar's consulting company was based in Echo Bay, Nevada.

Cisco Systems is another illustration; it was started in San Francisco and holds the name of the city. Cisco was successful in creating a great attachment with the city by including the place in its name, which contributed to the company's growth into a well-known brand.

Here are some examples of other successful businesses that have used a location-based name:

    1. Brooklyn Brewery: The well-known Brooklyn Brewery is headquartered in New York City, and it gets its name from the area where it was first established. The brewery has created a strong relationship with Brooklyn and its booming craft beer culture by including the area in the name.
    2. Boston Market: The fast-casual restaurant brand Boston Market is named after the place where it was first established. By including its location in its name, Boston Market is able to stand out from other fast food restaurants and establish a bond with the traditional cuisine culture.
    3. Texas Roadhouse: It was named after the state where it was founded, this restaurant brand focuses on Southern-style cooking. The restaurant can create a strong association with Southern hospitality and cuisine by including "Texas" in its name.

Use Personal Name or Favorite Person Name in the Brand

There are many different methods you can use when naming your mobile phone repair shop. The use of a personal name or the name of a beloved person in your brand name is another strategy that can be extremely successful. Many well-known businesses have employed this strategy with success, and it can give your company a unique and personalized touch.

Many well-known businesses have employed this strategy with success, and it can give your company a unique and personalized touch. It's a common strategy that has been adopted by numerous brands across numerous industries: using personal names in brand names. For instance, the well-known car manufacturer Ferrari was given that name by its creator, Enzo Ferrari. Toyota, Kinko, Danone, Bic, Arby's, Adidas, and many other well-known companies also have brand names that incorporate personal names.

There are several advantages to branding your mobile phone repair shop with a personal name. In the beginning, it might provide your shop with a personal touch and assist you in developing a closer relationship with clients. Second, it can help set your mobile phone repair shop apart from rivals in the industry and increase consumer loyalty. Thirdly, it might give your shop more credibility and trust, especially if the name has positive associations or a good reputation.

If you decide to use your own name as the brand for your mobile phone repair shop, it's a good idea to select a name that is memorable, simple to say, and useful to your industry. To make your mobile phone repair shop name even more memorable and catchy, you could choose to combine extra components, such as puns or alliteration.

Names for a Professional Tone

First impressions are important in every business, and choosing a name that sounds professional can have a big impact on how customers view your mobile phone repair service. A name with a professional word shows knowledge, excellence, and dependability—all crucial qualities that customers look for in a repair service provider. Building confidence and trust with clients is crucial for establishing a devoted customer base, and a professional-sounding name can assist in this process.

Here are some examples of professional-sounding names for a mobile phone repair shop:

    1. Tech Pros Mobile Repair
    2. MobileFix Pro
    3. Smartphone Solutions
    4. Cell Phone Experts
    5. RepairTech Mobile
    6. PhoneMasters Repair
    7. Mobile Repair HQ
    8. Cell Phone Workshop
    9. Mobile Device Doctors
    10. The Phone Repair Co.

When choosing a professional-sounding name, it's important to consider the type of customer you are trying to attract. If you are targeting business customers, a more formal name such as "Tech Pros Mobile Repair" or "Mobile Repair HQ" may be more appropriate. If you are targeting a younger, more casual audience, a name like "PhoneMasters Repair" or "MobileFix Pro" may be more effective.

Catchy and Memorable Names

For any company, including a mobile phone repair shop, picking a name that is memorable and distinctive is essential. Customers are more likely to remember your shop if it has a catchy and distinctive name that sets it apart from rivals. Potential customers may be left with a lasting impression as a result, of increasing brand recognition and patronage.

Nowadays, when users are being flooded with a multitude of marketing messages, emails, and telephone calls, it is easy for customers to become lost in the noise. You have a great chance of grabbing the attention of potential customers by selecting a name that is distinctive and pops out. Your mobile phone repair shop can become more recognizable and enhance the likelihood that clients would choose it over rivals if it has an easy-to-remember and strong sense of self.

Descriptive Names

Using descriptive language might help clients find you more easily and instantly understand what your shop offers. For instance, the use of the words "fix," "tech," and "repair" in your mobile phone repair shop name might instantly alert people to the fact that you provide cell phone repair services. If your shop is located in a popular area where people could be looking for mobile phone repair services, this can be really helpful.

Fast Fix Mobile Repairs, TechRepair Hub, and Mobile Screen Repair Specialists are a few instances of names of mobile phone repair shops that make use of descriptive words. These names make it apparent what the business provides and might make it simple for customers to recognize your services.

Using descriptive words in your brand name can also help you stand out in the market. For example, if you offer specialized repair services like water damage repair, you can include words like "specialist" or "expert" in your brand name to highlight your expertise in that area.

101 Catchy Mobile Phone Repair Shop Names with Slogan or Tagline

Choosing the right name for a mobile phone repair shop can be challenging. However, even after following all the guidelines we have provided, it might be difficult to come to a decision. Consequently, we are providing you with names of mobile phone repair shops that can directly be used for your business.

    1. Fix My Phone: "Quick and easy phone repairs"
    2. The Phone Smiths: "Crafting quality repairs for your device"
    3. The Mobile Surgeon: "We specialize in intricate phone repairs"
    4. Repair Lab: "Your one-stop-shop for all mobile repairs"
    5. The Fixing Company: "Fix your phone, one device at a time"
    6. Cellular Techs: "Your technology experts for all mobile repairs"
    7. The Repair Room: "Bringing life back to your devices"
    8. Mobile Menders: "Mending your devices with care"
    9. Gadget Genius: "Genius solutions for all your gadget needs"
    10. The Phone Workshop: "Crafting the right solution for your device"
    11. Phone Wizardry: "Magically fixing your mobile devices"
    12. Screen Repair Pros: "Experts in all things screen repair"
    13. The Mobile Fixers: "Fix your devices on the go"
    14. The Phone Rescuers: "Rescuing your phone from the brink of death"
    15. Mobile Tech Repair: "Repairing your devices with technology and expertise"
    16. The Repair Revolution: "Join the revolution in quality mobile repairs"
    17. The Mobile Masters: "Masters of all mobile repairs"
    18. Phone Emergency Room: "Emergency repairs for your phone"
    19. Tech Revive: "Reviving your cell phone back to life"
    20. The Fixit Spot: "The spot for fast and efficient phone repairs"
    21. The Phone Clinic: "Your phone's premier care center"
    22. Repair Depot: "The depot for all your device repairs"
    23. Gadget Guru: "Guru solutions for all your gadget repairs"
    24. Tech Surgeons: "We perform precision repairs for your tech"
    25. Phone Mechanic: "Mechanic for phone repairs"
    26. The Fixing Hub: "Your hub for quality device repairs"
    27. Gadget Hospital: "Healing your gadgets back to life"
    28. Tech Fixation: "Fixation dedicated to providing the highest quality tech repairs"
    29. Phone Emergency Squad: "We're the squad you need in a phone emergency"
    30. The Repair Experts: "Experts in all mobile device repairs"
    31. The Mobile Workshop: "Crafting solutions for your mobile devices"
    32. Mobile Techs: "Your mobile technology experts"
    33. The Phone Fixers: "Fix your phone with care and expertise"
    34. Device Dynamo: "Dynamically fixing your devices"
    35. Tech Fix: "Fix your phone fast and easy"
    36. The Repair Revolutionaries: "Join the revolution of quality mobile repairs"
    37. The Mobile Tech Gurus: "Your go-to source for all mobile repairs"
    38. The Phone Apothecary: "Cure your phone's ailments with care"
    39. Mobile Marvels: "Marvelous solutions for your mobile devices"
    40. The Tech Fixers: "Fixing your tech, one repair at a time"
    41. Phone Prodigy: "We fix your phone like it's our own"
    42. Mobile Magicians: "Magical repair shop for all phones"
    43. The Repair Ninjas: "Stealthy solutions for your device repairs"
    44. Gadget Gurus: "Guru-level repairs for all your gadgets"
    45. The Phone Reviver: "Bringing your phone back to life"
    46. Mobile Mechanics: "Expert mechanics for your mobile devices"
    47. The Device Doctors Plus: "Premium care for your premium devices"
    48. Phone Resurrection: "Raise your phone from the dead"
    49. The Mobile Fix-It Shop: "We fix it all, mobile-style"
    50. The Gadget Geeks: "Geeky solutions for your gadget repairs"
    51. Device Dynamos Plus: "Power up your devices with expert repairs"
    52. The Tech Garage: "Your garage for all things tech and repair"
    53. Mobile Maintenance: "Maintain your mobile devices with care"
    54. The Repair Squad: "Squad goals: fixing your devices"
    55. Phone First Aid: "Providing first aid in a phone emergency"
    56. Gadget Guardians: "Guardians of your gadgets, repairing them with care"
    57. The Tech Team: "Teamwork makes the tech work"
    58. Phone Fixers Plus: "Expert-level repairs for your phone"
    59. Mobile Masters Plus: "Master-level repairs for your mobile devices"
    60. The Repair Revolution Plus: "Revolutionizing device repairs with quality care"
    61. Gadget Gurus Plus: "Expert-level Guru solutions for your gadgets"
    62. The Phone Restoration Co: "Restoring your phone to like-new condition"
    63. Mobile Miracle Workers: "Miracles happen, especially with our mobile repairs"
    64. The Device Doctors Elite: "Elite-level care for your premium devices"
    65. Tech Titans: "Titans of the tech repair world"
    66. The Phone Fix-It Crew: "We're the crew you need for all your phone repairs"
    67. Mobile Magic: "Magical solutions for your mobile device repairs"
    68. The Gadget Workshop: "Our workshop is your one-stop-shop for gadget repairs"
    69. Mobile Menders: "Mending your mobile devices with care"
    70. The Repair Revolution: "Join the revolution for quality device repairs"
    71. Gadget Geniuses: "Genius-level solutions for your gadget repairs"
    72. The Phone Prodigies: "The Prodigies of phone repairs"
    73. Device Doctors Now: "Immediate care for your urgent device repairs"
    74. The Tech Titans Plus: "Titans of the tech repair world, with premium care"
    75. Mobile Mechanics Plus: "Expert mechanics for your high-quality mobile devices"
    76. The Gadget Gurus Elite: "Elite-level guru solutions for your premium gadgets"
    77. The Phone Rescuers: "Rescuing your phone from the brink of destruction"
    78. Device Doctors Elite Plus: "Elite-plus level care for your premium devices"
    79. The Tech Troopers: "Trooping in to fix your tech"
    80. Mobile Marvels: "Marvelous solutions for your mobile device repairs"
    81. The Gadget Garage Plus: "Premium garage for high-quality gadget repairs"
    82. The Phone Surgeons: "Performing life-saving surgery on your phone"
    83. Device Doctors HQ: "Headquarters for all your device repairs"
    84. Mobile Mechanics Elite: "Elite-level mechanics for your premium mobile devices"
    85. The Gadget Geniuses Plus: "Genius-level solutions for your premium gadget repairs"
    86. The Phone Wizards: "Wizards of phone repairs, making magic happen"
    87. Device Doctors Pro: "Pro-level care for your professional-grade devices"
    88. Mobile Magicians: "Making your mobile devices disappear... your repair needs, that is"
    89. The Gadget Guild: "We're the guild of gadget repairs"
    90. The Phone Pit Stop: "Stopping by our shop is just a pit stop for your phone repairs"
    91. Device Doctors Plus Elite: "Elite-plus level care for your premium devices"
    92. Tech Titans Elite: "Elite-level repairs for your premium tech"
    93. Mobile Mavericks: "Maverick solutions for your mobile device repairs"
    94. Device Doctors on Demand: "On-demand care for your urgent device repairs"
    95. Mobile Mayhem: "We may make your mobile devices go crazy, but we'll fix them too"
    96. The Gadget Genius Guild: "Join our guild of genius gadget repairs"
    97. The Phone Fixer-Upper: "Bringing your phone back to life better than before"
    98. Device Doctors Plus HQ: "Headquarters for premium care for your premium devices"
    99. The Gadget Guru Workshop: "Our workshop of gurus is here to fix your gadgets"
    100. The Phone Pit Stop Plus: "Making your phone repair pit stop even better with premium care"
    101. Device Doctors 24/7: "We're here 24/7 for your urgent device repairs."

Tips for Choosing a Creative Name

Establishing a mobile phone repair business is an exciting business. However, it's crucial to distinguish yourself from your competitors and attract clients by coming up with an attractive and memorable name. But choosing a memorable name for your mobile phone repair shop or business can be challenging.

Here are some of the final tips that might be useful to choose the right name for your mobile phone repair shop.

  1. Stand out from your competitors: Research your competitors and come up with a name that differs from theirs. Avert using names that are generic or industry-standard.
  2. Easy to remember: Choose a name that is easy to remember and pronounce. A name that may be difficult for clients to remember should be avoided.
  3. Brand personality should be conveyed: Your shop name should encapsulate the character and principles of your business. Take into account the services you provide and the kind of clients you hope to acquire.
  4. Go beyond the box: While coming up with the name for your shop, don't be scared to be innovative and uncommon. Use wordplay, alliteration, or puns to make your name memorable.
  5. Brainstorm: Create a list of potential names and solicit input from others as you brainstorm. This will assist you in reducing your list of potential names and selecting the best one for your business.

In the Last:

In conclusion, picking a unique and distinctive name for your mobile phone repair business is crucial for attracting clients and distinguishing yourself from rivals. To generate ideas and choose a distinctive name that captures your brand's identity and core values, use the advice and recommendations offered in this article. Don't forget to be creative and think outside the box while choosing names. We sincerely hope that these pointers were useful, and we invite you to share your own original name suggestions in the section below.

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