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FAQ on Aftermarket iPhone Battery and Important Battery Message

May 06, 2022

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There are some myths around iPhone batteries and the genuine battery alert. Today we will walk you through these myths.


Is the size of aftermarket high-capacity batteries bigger?

Nowadays, the latest technology is used to produce batteries of old models, which increases the density of battery while keeping the original size.


Are genuine batteries more durable than aftermarket batteries?

They are almost the same. Our batteries are made of A quality cells with proven technology. Through rigorous tests, the cycle count of more than 80% of the batteries can exceed 600 while more than 60% surpass 800.


Will aftermarket batteries slow the phone?

No, it will not slow the phone unless you buy inferior ones and the output voltage is low.


FAQ on Aftermarket iPhone Battery and Important Battery Message


For battery replacement of 2018 models and higher ones, “Important battery message” will pop up. If the battery cell (XS-13 Pro Max) is changed with original data unchanged, there is no“Important battery message”. To make the message disappear if the data is changed, models of XS -XR doesn't need a flex while a tag-on flex is required for 11-13 Pro Max. If you don’t have the skills for cell replacement, you can directly choose our batteries.

We have also published detailed videos on how to remove the genuine battery message alert. Please feel free to share your thoughts on iPhone battery. 


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