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Learn More About Different iPhone Cameras

May 07, 2022

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Recently, some suppliers mixed refurbished cameras with OEM new cameras on the market to sell. And in this article we are going to discuss about different iPhone cameras. There are currently four categories of iPhone cameras - OEM NEW, OEM USED, OEM REFURB, and S+.


Back Camera


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Front Camera

different iphone cameras, iPhone front Camera


REWA LAB will conduct a cosmetic and function inspection on the samples as soon as they are received from the supplier. After the samples pass the inspection, we will fill in the sample inspection reports and stock the samples. REWA staff will carefully inspect every product before shipment. We will make sure that every product has passed the quality control inspections before delivery. REWA believes that the deal is only the beginning of service, and the ultimate customer satisfaction and reputation is the goal we pursue. Therefore, in line with this goal, we strictly control the selection process and quality control inspection process before sales. Furthermore, we deal with after-sales problems as soon as possible to ensure the interests of customers to the greatest extent. 


REWA quality control of phone parts, rewa lab, rewa selection process

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