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Is incell necessarily better than outcell?

May 06, 2022

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There are various kinds of iPhone replacement screen with uneven quality, which makes many consumers confused while placing orders.

According to different structures of the touch panel, the screen assembly can be divided into incell, oncell and outcell. The biggest difference is the position of the touch panel. Incell's touch panel is embedded in the glass substrate, oncell is above the glass substrate and under the polarizer, while outcell is above the polarizer and under the glass lens.

Is incell necessarily better than outcell?


It is widely acknowledged that incell is the best screen assembly. However, that’s not entirely true. In this article, we will focus on comparing incell with outcell to see if incell is necessarily better than outcell.

OEM screens are undoubtedly the best option for iPhone screen replacement. OEM screen assemblies of iPhone X and higher ones all feature outcell structure.


Is incell necessarily better than outcell?


The difference between outcell and incell is their touch stucture. The overall effect of the screen has to be determined by resolution, brightness, color gamut, backlight, etc.

If the outcell is not working, you can just replace the touch panel. Since incell's touch panel is embedded in the glass substrate, the screen assembly might be scrapped if the incell is not working.

For outcell of iPhone X and iPhone 11, the camera ring is integrated with the bezel, which increases accuracy and fixes Face ID not working for some users after installation.


Is incell necessarily better than outcell?


To sum up, incell is not necessarily better than outcell. We have to look into every factor while selecting iPhone replacement screen besides the structure. Even Apple recognizes outcell as it uses it on iPhone X and higher ones. Furthermore, because of its structure, outcell is more repairable than incell and some outcells have included integrated parts to bring convenient installation.


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