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A Beginner Guide (Why & How ) to Using Boardview Schematics for Phone Repairs

Today we will introduce the new REFOX boardview software. Boardview software is an indispensable tool for phone board repairs. The circuits on the motherboard are intricate. Sometimes it is very difficult for us to recognize each circuit just by the appearance. Moreover, there is no way of knowing the contacts of each component.

However, boardview software distinguishes and marks each component on the motherboard. It can help us determine if the components have contact, which can substantially increase the efficiency of troubleshooting.

We can get a lot of information from the boardview software. There are two main sections of the boardview software. Simply put, the bitmap tells you the location and name of each component, while schematics tell you what each component does.

For starters, we can know what the component is through the initial letter. C is the capacitor, J is the connector, R is the resistor, U is the chip, and L is the inductor. The color can tell you the function of each area. The gray areas are grounded while blue areas are empty with no use. The yellow areas serve as signal or power supplies.

Last but not least, we can quickly find the contact components through clicking one component. In the split view, by clicking one component of the bitmap,the schematics will automatically jump to the corresponding component.

In addition to the above functions, resistance values can also be viewed in REFOX boardview software. You can even define your own resistance values.

Next, we will show you how to use the REFOX boardview software with a repair case. The iPhone 12 won’t turn on.

Then we need to take out the motherboard for further testing. Heat the phone with a heating pad and remove the screen with an opener.

It can be seen that the area around the display connector is severely corroded. Clean the corroded area with PCB cleaner.

Install the screen and plug in the direct current supply. Prompt a boot-up with tweezers. The boot current is fine but there is nothing on the screen.

Then we measure the diode values of the connector and compare the measured values with the values on the boardview software. The measured values do not have to be the same but the differences shouldn’t be large. When measuring pin 14, the diode value turns out to be abnormal.

Open the bitmap and find pin 14 of the connector. Click it and we find it has contact with one inductor.

The inductor has been corroded away from the motherboard. Next, we need to install a new inductor. Open the split view of the boardview software. Clicking the inductor on the bitmap can bring you to the inductor in the schematics. Judging from the schematics, the inductor is 700HM. Then we need to install an inductor of the same value. 

In the first place, apply some flux and middle-temperature solder paste. Solder the inductor with a hot air gun at 380 °C.

After the motherboard cools, measure the diode value. The diode value returns to a normal value.

Then we put the motherboard back on. The phone turns on and that is a repair done.

As you can see, the REFOX boardview software is of great help to board repairs. To give back to users, REFOX boardview software has launched a referral program. You can earn free days and rewards by simply inviting your friends to subscribe to any plans from REFOX boardview software. Please feel free to visit refoxteam.com for details if you are interested.

How to Repair Battery with a Programmer

Battery repair is a common repair case every day. Today we're going to share with you the steps and details we need to pay attention to when replacing the battery cell.

Firstly, we use a clamp fixture to separate the phone

Remove the battery

Then we need to solder the BMS board of the original battery to the new battery

Remove the protective tape on the BMS board

Disconnect the cathode and anode of the battery with a pair of scissors

Please do not break the flex cable

Remove the original battery BMS board

Pry apart the anode tab and cathode tab

Place them on the welding clamp fixture

Put the battery cell with nickel-plated tabs onto the welding clamp fixture\

The cathode tab and anode tab are settled under the BMS board

Please align the anode and cathode respectively

Solder with the Spot Welder

Note that one end of the spot welding pen is placed on the conductor material (copper)

The other end is placed at the point to be soldered

Folder well the tabs after soldering

Apply the protection tape

Put on the protection bracket

Wrap another layer of protection tape on the outside

Connect the programmer to the laptop

Open the software

Click reading the battery data

Select the data that needs to be rewritten

Recalibrate the cycle times and battery efficiency

Click writing, and then the recovery

Disconnect the cable

Connect the power cable to turn on the phone

“Important battery message” is displayed

Turn off the phone and take out the battery

We install the new battery

It will be verified automatically by the system

There is no “Important battery message” now

How to Open a Phone Safely and Efficiently - REFOX Mobile Phone Opening Solution

In daily repair work, whether it's a simple screen & battery replacement or high-temperature soldering, we all need to open the phone. How to open the phone safely and efficiently has always been a hot topic.

The traditional way of opening a phone is to use a hot air gun for pre-heating, which is time-consuming and hard to achieve even heating.  After heating, the strength of lifting the screen by the suction cup is tough to control. If you are not skilled enough, you can easily break the flex cables.

Apple has recently launched its self-service opening tools, including a heated display removal fixture. The tool is not only big and hefty but also expensive. 

Today we will introduce the latest REFOX phone opening solution.

In the first place, we use the heat mat to heat the phone. Set the temperature to 80 °C. We measure that it only takes about five minutes to heat up to 80 °C.

The temperature variation between the front and back of the heating area is about 20 °C, so there is no need to worry about burning to the working table. Compared with the hot air gun, the heat mat heats up fast with even heating to soften the adhesive quickly.

Next, we place the phone back down on the heating mat for 5 minutes. After heating, we use the opening tool to open the phone. For starters, we turn the dial on the right to the top.

Then lift the upper body of the opener and place the phone on the suction cup. The suction is strong and the phone is firmly attached.

We can see that the opening area is covered with protective foam padding and there is even a camera groove. It can keep your phone safe and scratch-free during operation.

The next step is to place the back down on the opening area. For different sizes of phones, we can adjust the left dial to attach the phone.

As the phone is attached, lower the upper body and suction cup on the phone.

Then we fasten the suction up and rotate the right dial to lift the display.

To prevent breaking the flex cable. Please stop rotating when the angle between the screen and back housing is 15 degrees. 

Compared to the suction cup, the strength of the opening tool is easier to control for lifting the display, thus lowering the risk of breaking the display or flex cable. Other than the opening area, the tool features a pressing area. After the repair is complete, turn the dial to keep the screen or back cover firmly in place with the adhesive.  

To sum up, the latest REFOX phone opening solution boasts high efficiency and safety. It is suitable for opening both android phones and Apple’s iPhone, keeping your daily repairs safe and efficient.  Currently, there is free shipping for the opening tool kit on REWA Shop. Please feel free to leave a comment or contact our account managers if you are interested.

REFOX RS30 Heating Pad for Phone Repair

REFOX RS50 Mobile Phone Opener and Clamp Fixture

REFOX Subscribed Version Bitmap--The best repair assistant

A bitmap is the primary repair software in the motherboard repairing area, which can help us search out the issue point. As you all know, REFOX Bitmap was publicly released in 2019, it covers 236 countries and areas, and more than 110,000 users have joined us. The new subscribed version has been updated with more functions and rich content compared to the old version. Now let's explore it.





Firstly, we can download the app on REFOX's official website: https://www.refoxteam.com/download-bitmap

After registration, we need to sign up, and if you are an old user, you can use the original account to log in. There are three different packages we can choose from REFOX Bitmap. You will receive an activated number after the payment.



REFOX Bitmap Subscribed Version supports more than 2000 models, including MacBook, iPhone, and Android. This software has abundant diagram types covering bitmap, schematic, components distribution, and circuit block diagram.



Let's move on to the interface of the software. Its interface is straightforward with full features. REFOX Bitmap is updated monthly, and we can check out the update log below.


Split View&Multi View


Here's the double view function. It's able to check the bitmap and schematic at the same time while repairing, which is convenient and efficient for your work. What if you work for various motherboard types, and you hope to check them out one by one? No worries, REFOX Bitmap offers you multi-page at a time. It can switch to different pages in the same interface, making it easier to check out your project.



Save to Your Favourites

You can save the bitmap you use very often or the necessary ones into the favorites, making it easy to find it next time. The favorite folder is on the left side of the interface.


Quick Search

If you want to locate a bitmap, input the motherboard name or number to find the bitmap you wish. This function can help us easily locate the bitmap quickly.


Color Template Setting

Based on maintenance needs and usage habits, you can set the color template to a particular mode. It's easy to get started.


Case Sharing and Feedback

If you have any problems when using the software, you can upload your feedback at any time. And it's encouraged that subscribers could share their repair case with REFOX Bitmap Team. In this way, more and more users will benefit from your sharing and good advice for REFOX Team to make it better.



Lastly, it's time to update your REFOX bitmap version for the old users. And it's a good chance for the maintenance to try this advanced software, which will be your best assistant for your repair career.