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How to Repair Battery with a Programmer

Sep 02, 2022

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Battery repair is a common repair case every day. Today we're going to share with you the steps and details we need to pay attention to when replacing the battery cell.



Firstly, we use a clamp fixture to separate the phone


refox clamp fixture


Remove the battery



Then we need to solder the BMS board of the original battery to the new battery

Remove the protective tape on the BMS board




Disconnect the cathode and anode of the battery with a pair of scissors

Please do not break the flex cable



Remove the original battery BMS board

Pry apart the anode tab and cathode tab



Place them on the welding clamp fixture

Put the battery cell with nickel-plated tabs onto the welding clamp fixture\

The cathode tab and anode tab are settled under the BMS board

Please align the anode and cathode respectively



Solder with the Spot Welder

Note that one end of the spot welding pen is placed on the conductor material (copper)

The other end is placed at the point to be soldered



Folder well the tabs after soldering

Apply the protection tape



Put on the protection bracket

Wrap another layer of protection tape on the outside

Connect the programmer to the laptop


Open the software

Click reading the battery data

Select the data that needs to be rewritten

Recalibrate the cycle times and battery efficiency

Click writing, and then the recovery



Disconnect the cable

Connect the power cable to turn on the phone

“Important battery message” is displayed



Turn off the phone and take out the battery

We install the new battery

It will be verified automatically by the system

There is no “Important battery message” now









refoxiPhoneImportant Battery Message

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