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How to restore iPhone battery data

Programmer: Easy steps of replacing battery or display on the iPhone

Normally we replace the original iPhone screen or battery with the third-party one when it confronts a screen or battery problem. Overall, it's more cost-effective. 

But after replacing it with the new battery, the alert message from iPhone will pop up starting from the XS Series since the replacement is not the iPhone original. Not only this, the cycle of the battery shows different from the original one. Though it will not affect the battery's performance on iPhone. We need a multifunctional iPhone repair programmer to restore data in this condition as well as to repair the Face ID dot matrix. 

Now we use REFOX RP30 Multi-function Restore Programmer for iPhone as an operation reference.

In the first place, there are some steps for REFOX RP30 Multi-function Restore Programmer. It's unnecessary to use the external flex cable for the replacement of the iPhone XS/XS MAX/XR to remove the Important Battery Message. We just need to solder the original battery board to the new battery, then connect it to the repair programmer and recalibrate the data on it. That's done. 


But the battery since iPhone 11, we need an external flex cable except for the operation as above. After soldering the original battery board to the new battery, connect the flex cable with the motherboard ”Important Battery Message“ is displayed. Then we install the new battery. Go to "Setting" to view the battery health information. The maximum capacity is 100% and there is no“Important Battery Message”

It's time to put this RP30 Multifunctional repair programmer into your shopping cart. Good to improve your work efficiency!

The details on how to replace iPhoneX battery

If your phone battery is in a low health condition, like 80%, it's time to replace a new one. Here are some tips for display replacement. We will bring you a case iPhone X as a reference. All you need is a repair kit and a new battery. The repair kit should be included as below: tweezers, screwdrivers, pry piece, suction cup, heating pad, spudger, battery adhesive, and waterproof adhesive.

Firstly, please long press the phone to turn it off. Then you can use a pentagon screwdriver to unscrew the screws at the bottom of the phone. Please pay attention to putting the screws aside well. You can place the screen face down on the pad for about 2-3 minutes after the heating pad is up to the temperature of 70—80°c. And fix the suction cup at the bottom of the phone, lift the screen gently, and insert a pry piece underneath. Gradually move around the edge of the display, separating the screen along the gap. The display assembly is still connected to the iPhone by cables, so don't try to remove it completely. Again, please pay attention to the position of the cable to avoid damage. The angle should not be greater than 90 degrees to prevent breaking the flex cable. The process of removing the cover is done.

Next, use a Tri-wing screwdriver to unscrew the screws on the shielding cover of the cable connector. You can use a spudger slightly to extricate the battery and the connector between the screen and motherboard. Now, continue to follow instructions step by step. Detach the earpiece speaker flex cable, and remove the old display assembly.

Then, please use tweezers to clean up the battery adhesive. It's suggested to detach the Taptic Engine and loudspeaker better to remove the adhesive at the bottom of the battery. Again, use a Tri-wing screwdriver to unscrew the screws on the speaker flex cable and detach the shielding cover.
After taking out the loudspeaker and Taptic Engine, let's continuously remove the battery adhesive. Because the adhesive at the bottom of the battery has been for a long time, it's hard to remove it. We need to drop some alcohol to help clean up. Drop the alcohol around the edge of the battery, and leave it to penetrate and evaporate. Use tweezers to make it lose, take out the old battery, and continue to remove the rest adhesive. Please keep removing the waterproof adhesive around the frame. And replace the Taptic Engine and loudspeaker. Remember to tighten the screws and replace it with the new battery.

Tear off the film of the battery adhesive, and make its glue adhere to the battery. Press it slightly, and tear off the film. Please put on the new battery, and press it slightly. Use a spudger to disengage the battery connector. Reassemble the display cable, touch cable, and continuously.
Please turn it on. Check the health condition of the battery. 
It shows the maximum capacity of the battery now is 100%. Please turn it off. Tear off the waterproof adhesive. Make it adhere to the phone body. Press lightly with tweezers to make it adhesive. Tear off the film. Reassemble the display cable and touch cable. Reassemble the earpiece speaker flex cable, and connect the battery. Install the shielding cover, and tighten the screws. Take off the waterproof adhesive around the frame. Buckle the phone screen.

Please turn it on again. Let's do some battery tests. 
First is the wired charging test. Next is the wireless charging test. It's working. Both are working.

The above guidance is about the battery replacement process. If you have any problems or advice, please leave us a comment below. 

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