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How to restore iPhone battery data

Sep 05, 2022

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Programmer: Easy steps of replacing battery or display on the iPhone


Normally we replace the original iPhone screen or battery with the third-party one when it confronts a screen or battery problem. Overall, it's more cost-effective. 


But after replacing it with the new battery, the alert message from iPhone will pop up starting from the XS Series since the replacement is not the iPhone original. Not only this, the cycle of the battery shows different from the original one. Though it will not affect the battery's performance on iPhone. We need a multifunctional iPhone repair programmer to restore data in this condition as well as to repair the Face ID dot matrix. 



Now we use REFOX RP30 Multi-function Restore Programmer for iPhone as an operation reference.

In the first place, there are some steps for REFOX RP30 Multi-function Restore Programmer. It's unnecessary to use the external flex cable for the replacement of the iPhone XS/XS MAX/XR to remove the Important Battery Message. We just need to solder the original battery board to the new battery, then connect it to the repair programmer and recalibrate the data on it. That's done. 


But the battery since iPhone 11, we need an external flex cable except for the operation as above. After soldering the original battery board to the new battery, connect the flex cable with the motherboard ”Important Battery Message“ is displayed. Then we install the new battery. Go to "Setting" to view the battery health information. The maximum capacity is 100% and there is no“Important Battery Message”


It's time to put this RP30 Multifunctional repair programmer into your shopping cart. Good to improve your work efficiency!





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