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How to Remove iPhone (11-12) Non Genuine Screen Message by Aftermarket Screens

For iPhone 11 and higher ones, if you get your screen changed from a non-authorized repair service center,“Important Display Message” will appear.

As screen replacement is one of the most common repairs for iPhone, the price of Apple's official screen replacement is several times that of third-party repair parts, which makes consumers have to turn to third-party repair channels.

However, the non-genuine screen warning will inevitably appear after third-party screen repair. Third-party screen replacement generally offers OEM or aftermarket screen. For OEM screen, we can transfer the original IC to the new OEM screen, which can get rid of the non-genuine display alert. Unfortunately, this doesn’t apply to most aftermarket screens. After testing by our engineers, we select several aftermarket screen assemblies that support IC transfer to remove the warning message, ranging from iPhone 11 series to the latest iPhone 12.

Next, we will show you how to remove the warning message with the aftermarket iPhone 12 Pro screen. After third-party aftermarket screen replacement, a non-genuine display warning appears and True Tone disappears.

As the aftermarket screen only stores the touch and pop-up encryption data, we need to restore the True Tone firstly. Connect the original screen with the programmer to read the True Tone. Then connect the aftermarket screen with the programmer to write the True Tone.

After reading and writing, True Tone is restored on the aftermarket screen but there is still a warning message.

The next step is to transfer the IC. Pre-heat the flex cable with a hot air gun at 240 °C. Then apply some alcohol and carefully pry up the flex cable.

Insert a blade under the flex cable and apply high-temperature tape around the IC. With hot air gun at 240 °C and airflow 8 for about 6-8 seconds, we desolder the chip.

As the chip is removed, we apply some middle-temperature solder paste and paste flux. Flatten the bonding pads with soldering iron at 300 °C. Then remove adhesive with hot air gun at 300 °C. Clean the bonding pads with PCB cleaner.

Scrape away black adhesive on the edges. Once cleaned, apply some middle-temperature solder paste. Form the solder balls with hot air gun at 300 °C.

Next, we use the same method to remove the IC on the aftermarket screen. Please take protection measures thoroughly. As the soldering for aftermarket IC is different, we only need to use hot air gun at 100 °C for 5 seconds to desolder it.

Apply some paste flux to the bonding pads. Remove tin on the bonding pads with soldering iron at 320 °C. Clean the bonding pads with PCB cleaner.

It can be seen that the pins and solder joints are consistent with the original screen.

Then we install the original IC. Apply some paste flux. Solder the IC with hot air gun at 240 °C. After the screen cools, clean residue soldering paste with PCB cleaner.

Install the aftermarket screen. There is no non-genuine display warning and True Tone is restored. The display and touch also work fine.

As the technology becomes more and more mature, many third-party screens are not much worse than the original genuine screens. In terms of display effect, touch effect and price, the third-party screen replacements are much more cost-effective than Apple's original screen replacements. We not only provide aftermarket screens that support IC transfer to get rid of the warning message but also full set of tools and technical support. Other than that, we provide aftermarket screens without the IC to save you from the trouble of removing. If you are interested, please don’t hesitate to contact our account managers.

What is the Important Battery Message on iPhone? All You Need to Know

Very much like some other artificial item, built-in lithium-ion batteries in an iPhone have a restricted life expectancy. In the end, they get worn out and quit displaying maximum performance, bringing about arbitrary rebooting and battery drain issues. In addition to that, worn-out batteries may likewise make the iPhone overheat.

When you get your battery replaced from a non-Authorized Apple service center, Apple begins showing a Genuine battery message alert on some iPhone models. In the event that you are getting an alarm on your iPhone about the genuine battery message and considering what it is, this guide is for you.

For what reason is Genuine/Important Message Alert Appearing on Your iPhone?

Apple has always been outstandingly worried about involving excellent parts in its gadgets. It’s a well-known fact that the Cupertino-based organization needs to have unlimited oversight of its gadgets, which practically rules out an autonomous fix. While this conduct can undoubtedly be alluded to as the work of art "Money Digging" strategy with which Apple is broadly related, we have consistently appreciated the tech goliath for going to additional lengths to keep clients from succumbing to non-genuine parts.

For this situation, in any case, Apple has chosen to show this message if the battery isn't changed by an approved Apple Service Center, and regardless of whether the battery is an authentic OEM battery of a similar quality as the one Apple uses. Forget OEM battery, assuming that you take 2 brand-new iPhone XR, for instance, and trade the batteries of the 2 devices on your own, you will begin receiving this message on BOTH the gadgets. The message isn't a sign on the nature of the battery or the sort. If essentially shows that the serial number of the replaced battery doesn't match the serial number put away in the settings of the gadget. At the point when an Authorized Service Center places in another battery, they utilize a unique programming to adjust the new serial number with the goal that your iPhone begins perceiving this substitution battery similar to possess. Since this product isn't accessible with any other individual but Apple, this message is something one needs to live with, at whatever point the battery is supplanted in specific models of iPhone.

On which iPhones does the Important Battery Alert Appear?

The genuine battery alert shows up on iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, iPhone SE 2, iPhone 12, 12 Mini, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max, 13, iPhone 13, 13 Mini, 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max. To be more exact, the battery health appears just on the 2018 iPhone models and higher ones.

The alert reads, "U Unable to verify this iPhone has a genuine Apple battery. Health information not available for this battery."

You may also see an extra message expressing that "Apple has updated the device information for this iPhone." It implies that the tech goliath has refreshed the gadget data for your iPhone for security investigation and service needs.

How Long does the Alert Exist on Your iPhone?

When Apple discovers the utilization of non-genuine battery parts on your iPhone, it appears the important battery message right on the lock screen as a clear warning. The message stays on the lock screen for the first 4 days and in the Settings for 15 days.

From that point forward, you can go to Settings > Battery > Battery Health to check the battery alert.

Does This Message Affect Your Ability to Use the iPhone?

No. Apple clearly expresses that the "Important Battery Message" doesn't influence your capacity to use your iPhone. As referenced over, the alert is simply to illuminate you that the replaced battery isn't perceived by the iPhone. It makes little difference to the performance of the battery. The sole disadvantage is that the battery health isn't visible in the Settings straightforwardly but can be checked by means of 3rd party Apps and software.