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iPhone 12 Face ID Not Working ? Here’s How to Fix it

iPhone 12 has been released for a while. Many users claimed that Face ID sometimes is not working. So how to fix iPhone 12 Face ID not working issue? Let’s bring you detailed instructions.

If "Face ID is not available" appears on your screen, try restarting your device. In the event that there is an updated version, please update after backing up important data.

1. Check to ensure that the TrueDepth camera is not blocked by any object

Make sure the mobile phone case or screen protector does not block the TrueDepth camera on the iPhone or iPad. Also, check if there is any residue or dirt.

2. Make sure your face is not covered

Ensure the TrueDepth camera can fully scan your eyes, nose and mouth. If your mouth is blocked by an object such as a mask, the Face ID will not be used normally. On the condition that you wear a mask, the system will automatically ask you to enter your password.

3, Make sure you are facing the TrueDepth camera:

The Face ID can only be used properly on the iPhone when you are facing the in the right way. On the iPad, you can use the Face ID when the iPad is in any screen direction mode.

4. Reset the Face ID or add an alternative appearance

Go to "Settings" - "Face ID and Password". Enter the password and then tap "Set Up an Alternate Appearance".

In these cases, you need to manually enter your password:

Your face is covered by a mask or something else

The device just turned on or restarted;

The device is in a locked state for more than 48 hours;

Haven’t used the password to unlock the device in the past six days, and haven’t unlocked with Face ID in the past 4 hours;

The device received a remote lock order;

The facial matching attempt failed five times;

Press and hold any volume buttons and side buttons for 2 seconds to shut down / launch SOS emergency contact.

The above is the introduction to the iPhone 12 Face ID not working solution. Hope it can help everyone!