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How to choose iPad Touch Screen Digitizer Assembly?

May 31, 2022

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The 1st gen. iPad was released by Apple in 2010. For now, it consists of 4 lineups, the original iPad lineup, and 3 flagships: the iPad Mini, iPad Air, and iPad Pro. As iPad gaining share in the tablet market these years, the 3rd-party repair store has to repair more and more iPad cases.


Why choose an iPad Digitizer Assembly?

The most common type of problem is screen breakage, replacing the screen assembly, which means spending higher costs. However, refurbishing a broken screen by replacing iPad Digitizer can save more cost and provide a competitive service price for clients.


iPad Touch Screen Digitizer, iPad touch screen


Compared with OEM NEW Grade, the difference in appearance of Assemble (S+) Grade and Other Aftermarket Grade are revealed in the following dimensions: Flex Cable, Bezel Color, Max Value. Of Bending Force and more. 

  • Flex Cable: The flex cable of Assemble (S+) Grade look-alike  OEM NEW Grade, Other Aftermarket Grade has a different luster without the embossing from OEM NEW & Assemble (S+) Grade.
  • Bezel Color: The bezel color of OEM New and Assemble (S+) Grade are like metallic, Other Aftermarket Grade is almost gray.
  • Max. Value of Bending Force: OEM NEW (78.16 kgf) > Assemble S+ (72.86 kgf) > Other Aftermarket (30.76 kgf) 


iPad Digitizer, iPad Touch Screen


Here is the roundup for iPad Digitizer Assembly Different Grade, showing the comparison of Glass lens, Rigidity, Transparency, Connect Stability, Hydrophobic Effect, After-Sale Rate, and Cost-Performance.

The Assemble (S+) Grade of iPad Digitizer is selected by REWA Supply, which is in Great Price with the stable inventory.


iPad Digitizer Assembly Different Grade


Diversify Quality Grading, 1 Year Warranty Covered, and 95+% Satisfaction with QC Test are the main advantages of REWA Selected Products.


REWA Selected Advantages, iPad digitilizer assembly


The whole iPad touch screen digitizer quality checking process follows these steps:

Received materials > Check Appearance > Check Touch Function > Check Small Parts like Camera Frame, Adhesive Tape, Home Button etc. (Depend on Request) > Check Final Appearance > Cover the Protect Film > Inner Packing > Outside Packing > Ship Out


For more iPad Touch Digitizer Testing Process:

If you have any inquiry, please contact us at service@rewa.tech

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