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Different Touch Screen Digitizers

Jun 11, 2022

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When the phone is damaged, we may see that the screen is damaged but can still display. At this time, we can restore the original appearance of the phone by replacing the high-quality glass/touch.  In terms of quality, the OEM touch screen digitizer on the market is actually made of an OEM touch panel and fine glass. REWA defines such structure products as S+ grade. A+ grade refers to a structure of general glass and copy touch panel. A+ grade usually applies to aftermarket screens while S+ touch screen digitizer usually is used on OEM screens.


Different Touch Screen Digitizers


Take the touch screen digitizer of iPhone X for example. S+ grade comes with smooth sealing of ICs and reflective copper around the touch panel, while A+ features rough sealing and non-reflective gray around the touch panel.


Different Touch Screen Digitizers


Different Touch Screen Digitizers


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