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Transfer Original iPhone Battery Info to Aftermarket Battery

An important step for iPhone refurbishment is to change the battery. After battery replacement, the original battery information is gone. The original information includes manufacturer name, date of manufacture, serial number, manufacturer number etc. The battery with non-original information will fail the testing software.

As you can see from the picture above, the reading value is not the same as the original factory default. Therefore, the battery doesn’t pass the testing software.

For enthusiasts, not being able to get all green signs from the testing software spells disaster for them. That is like getting a black spot on your white T-shirt. One flaw has them wondered if they buy a good quality product even if the flaw doesn’t really matter and will not affect the usage.

For sellers, if the product can pass the testing software, the product will have more to prove that it is close to the original one, which can be a solid selling point.

The good news is that REWA LAB recently found that original battery information can be written in the aftermarket battery after testing, which means that aftermarket battery with the original information can pass the testing software.

Below are our testing results.

It is obvious that TI battery performs best in the testing. TI battery with original battery information can pass the testing software for most iPhone models.

To successfully write the battery information, Qianli iCopy 2.1 Repair Programmer is needed. Besides transferring the original battery information, the programmer can also clear cycle life and modify battery efficiency.

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