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Flat Screen Refurbishment-REFOX Desktop Multi-function Laminating Machine

The repair of flat-screen refurbishment is commonly seen in the aftermarket. The normal refurbished process includes display separation, lamination, and debubbling. These are necessary for the repair. How do we improve work efficiency? It's suggested to make good use of the high-tech repair machine to help release the repair difficulty and advance the repair benefit at the same time.


Several refurbished machines are widely known in the market, such as bubble remover, screen separator, laminating machine, etc. But most of them work independently, which costs us time and energy. However, REFOX FM-30 Desktop Multi-function Laminating Machine is a brand new three-in-one machine combined with the above functions, separation, lamination, and debubbling. It's small, lightweight, and convenient for repair shops.


REFOX FM-30 Desktop Multi-function Laminating Machine is integrated with separation, lamination, and debubbling functions. Besides, it's inserted with a silent air compressor and vacuum pump. So one machine equals five inside. And this machine is designed as being stable and durable.



Next, we can see its advantages. Its system is intelligent touch operation. The temperature is adjustable on the screen. It heats up evenly. The best function we should know about it is that lamination and debubbling can work together at one time. The separating workbench is within only one hole on the surface. Still, it's better than the multi-holes because it's inserted with a powerful vacuum pump, and the suction is excellent. So we can separate the screen easily with its help. You just need to press the suction-start button to turn it on.

This machine can apply to all the flat screen mobiles, such as iPhone and Android phones. It can also refurbish the iPads, including 9.7 inches and below. So it's recommended the repair shops can fix the broken screen or screen refurbishment with the FM-30 Desktop Multi-function Laminating Machine.


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