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iPhone Face ID is not working and keeps saying "Move a Little Lower/Higher". How to solve it?

May 06, 2022

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Some people may come across such problems when using the iPhone with Face ID - iPhone continues to prompt "Move a Little Lower/Higher". But no matter how you move, you can’t reset the Face ID. You can try the following methods to solve the problem:



1. Restart your device


iPhone X and later model restart method: please press the side button and any volume button until the slider is displayed, then slide the slider to shut down; then press the side button until the Apple logo appears.

If it is a problem with software or temporary system failure, it is generally resolved after reboot.



2. Take off the film or check if there is dirt


Please check if there


Please check if there is a stain or occlusion near the front camera, and clean it with a lift.



3. Check if the device is water damaged


If the device has touched or fallen into the water before the problem occurs, it may cause the Face ID not working. Please bring your device to Apple after-sales.


Understand if the iPhone is water damaged by the indicator:

Most iPhones are equipped with an LCI that can be seen from the outside. The LCI can tell if the device is not exposed to a liquid or aqueous liquid. Normally, the indicator should be white or silver. But after contacting the water or aqueous liquid, it will become red.

To determine if the LCI of your device touches the liquid, you can refer to the following picture to help you see the LCI. Please use the lamp magnifying glass, adjust the angle of the light or device until you can see LCI.





4. Update the system


If the device is not accidentally water damaged, you can try to update the system to the latest version. If the problem is still unable to resolve, you should send your device for repair in no time.

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