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ZXW V3.0 Online Account (1-YEAR ACTIVE) for Points Redeem

ZXW V3.0 Online Account (1-YEAR ACTIVE) for Points Redeem


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ZXWTEAM Authorization Code


ZXWTEAM Authorization Code Preface

In order to view iPhone/iPad/other cell phone schematic diagrams more quickly and conveniently, ZXW TEAM is committed to the development of ZXW online accounts, they did it. Now the latest V3.0 ZxwSoft (ZXWTEAM Software Digital Authorization Code) will completely replace the ZXW Dongle. You can use ZXW online account to view the iPhone/iPad/mobiles schematic diagram and bitmap without a USB Dongle. Here is the user manual.

The ZXW online account not only provides you with convenient, fast, and secure service but also saves you time and shipping costs. For this online account, now there are 3 types (Valid time), they were 30 days, 90 days and 1 year, you can choose it by yourself.




ZXWTEAM Software Authorization Code Instructions

1. Login URL: https://t.zxwsoft.com/user/Login.aspx?l=en-US

Users who have logged in to ZXW Soft can click the Account Settings on the left menu bar to enter the personal data page for renewal of the authorization code.

ZXW V3.0.alt


2. Enter the registered account name, account password, and correct verification code to SUBMIT

ZXW online account.alt


3. After logging in successfully, you will be taken to the personal data page, which shows the current validity period.

zxw software.alt


4. Click Authorization Code Renewal on the left side menu to enter the renewal page.

zxw schematics download.alt


5. When you finish your order payment, we'll contact you and send the authorization code serial number and password.

zxw download free.alt


6. Enter the correct serial number and password, click Immediate use, and when it displays Authorization Code Used Successfully is OK


ZXWTEAM Authorization Renewal.alt


7. Return to the personal data page and you will see that the validity period has increased by one year.

ZXW V3.0 Online Account


ZXW Tools Warranty Rules (used from 2015)

ZXW began to charge an annual fee for users who have used it for more than one year from June 2015 and implemented a new warranty policy.

Please contact customer service before sending your express. (Choosing freight collect without notifying the customer service will be rejected)

1. Whether old or new users, after the renewal, as long as the users who damaged their dongles during the validity period, such as the dongle is damaged once, the ZXW team pays the one-way shipping for a free replacement. The software usage period is calculated according to the remaining time of the initial dongle and is converted to the newly replaced dongle. All the initial dongle permissions will be invalid.


2. If the user damages twice during the validity period, ZXW will not pay shipping charges but can replace a new one for free.


3. If users are damaged three times or more, ZXW has the right to ask customers to rectify their usage habits and usage methods, and users who damaged the dongle three times or more within one year will be charged 50 RMB! ZXW reserves the right of refusing to replace the dongle if the customer maliciously destroys ZXW or refuses to rectify the environment and habits.


4. If the ZXW dongle is lost within the validity period, you can report the loss and reissue according to the information and email you reserved, or the renewal code and the order number (contact customer service). The lost dongle will be remotely disposed of at the next use (Unable to recover), and the service life will be transferred to the new one according to the remaining period of the lost dongle. The new dongle’s reissue fee is 50 RMB and the freight is paid by the customer.


5. ZXW renewal fee is not subject to any restrictions, as long as it is a ZXW-issued dongle, including prohibited, damaged, and beyond the warranty period (but the dongle must be within the validity period, or it can be valid through renewing the validity period.)


6. The above explanation is owned by the ZXW team and you will be notified if there are any changes. For details, please visit the ZXW website.


After-sale Service

Please feel free to contact us for any problems: service@rewa.tech