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REWA TWS Bluetooth Earphone (Points Redeem)

REWA TWS Bluetooth Earphone (Points Redeem)


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REWA TWS Bluetooth Earphone White - Points Redeem



The REWA Bluetooth Earphone is for points redeeming.



● Pure Exterior: No logo or text on the battery box

● Wireless Charging: Compatible with mainstream wireless chargers

● About Shell: The second-generation shell comes standard + anti-magnetic



● Open the cover and turn it on Yes (Magnetic control switch)
● Binaural Call: Yes
● Double Main Warphones: Yes (Switching automatically allows)
● Apple Pop-up Window: Yes
● One key to clear pairing information: Yes

● Microphone: GoerTek Silicon Microphone
● Headphone Operation Mode: Percussion
● Antenna Distance: 20M-30M
● Speaker: Diameter 14.2
● Playtime: about 5-6 hours

● Compartment Power Supply Times: 5

● Earphone Battery: 30mAH

● Charging Compartment Battery: 300mAH

● Earphone Charging Time: about 30 minutes

● Charging Compartment Charging Time: about 60 minutes

● Standby Time: more than 6 months (Charging Compartment power is full)


Technical Index

● Working power consumption: 6mA
● Standby power consumption: 2uA
● Charging current: 3.2V-3.9V, 25mA; 4.0V-4.2V, 10mA

Charging Compartment

● Standby power consumption: Less than 20uA

● Charging current: 200mA


Operation Guide

The first default operation of the headset
1. Android machine: Right ear-double click to play/pause; left ear-wake up Siri
2. Mac: Right ear-wake up Siri; left ear-wake up Siri
3. The in-ear detection function can be turned off on the Apple mobile phone to increase the positioning function
4. The function operation can be customized on the Apple mobile phone to modify the double-click function and modify the pairing name. Android phone operations follow the changes of Apple phones and change
5. Double-click on any side to answer the call when there is an incoming call, and double-click on any side to hang up the call during a call
6. Open the charging compartment cover and turn on the headset. After entering the pairing state, it will automatically connect back or wait for the search connection

Charging Compartment Button

● Long press for 3 seconds, the white indicator light breathes, and the Android phone can search for the Bluetooth signal
● Long press for 10 seconds, the white indicator light flashes quickly to clear the headset pairing information, and the white indicator light flashes slowly after clearing

Indicator Light

● Power display: 30%-100% will be green, and less than 30% will be orange
● Orange Light: The orange indicator light is always on when the charging compartment is charging until it's fully charged
● White Light: The white indicator light will turn on after the button is pressed
● Green Light: Pick up the earphones, the green light indicates the earphone is working



Zip-lock bag


After-sale service

Please feel free to contact us for any problems at any time: service@rewa.tech