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SUGON 3005D DC Power Supply
  • SUGON 3005D DC Power Supply
  • SUGON 3005D DC Power Supply
  • SUGON 3005D DC Power Supply
  • SUGON 3005D DC Power Supply
  • SUGON 3005D DC Power Supply
  • SUGON 3005D DC Power Supply

SUGON 3005D DC Power Supply

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US Plug/110V
EU Plug/220V
UK Plug/220V
AU Plug/220V
CN-GB Plug/220V

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SUGON 3005D DC Power Supply


Large LED screen digital display with blue-ray eye protection.

Accurate and easy to read the voltage and current values

Knob control the voltage/current setting

4 memory channels to save the most common use voltage/current, convenient to use

5V limit mode to minimize the loss caused by operation error

USB port to charge and display the real-time charging current

Brief Introduction Of Operations


1. Voltage/Current regulation

Twist the V/A knob to adjust the voltage/Current output.

Press the V/A knob in turn, the corresponding cue light flashes. Select the voltage/current that you want, Turn the V/A knob, get the desired voltage/current quickly.

2. Lock/unlock

Long press the V knob, wait for the lock light to bright.

After setting finished, except for the power switch button, other buttons will be disabled

Long press the V knob again to unlock then all keys will be able to use.

3. Channel storage

Long press the M1 button, release when you hear the beep, fast storage of current ,voltage.

M2, M3, M4 with the same operation

Save the most common use current/voltage settings for convenient switch

4. Adjustable USB Interface

Mobile phone can be directly connected to the  USB interface to charge.

The real-time charging voltage and current will be displayed on the LED screen.

Please set a safe voltage and current when using this USB port. For example, set the voltage to 5V when change an iPhone 7

5. Continuous Over-current Protection Mode

This is the most common mode of job protection.

After over-current protection, immediately restored to the power supply state

6. Once Over-current Protection Mode

Press ONCE.OCP button to turn on/off the setting.

In this mode, after over-current protection for once, flashlight will keep flashing and no power output.

7. Constant current mode

Turn off both the CONT.OCP and ONCE.OCP option, then 3005D will in the constant current mode.   In this mode, the machine will output according to the voltage and current that you set, won’t be over current protection.

9.5V limit mode

In daily work, the maximum voltage is limited within 5V, which can minimize the loss caused by operation error.

The 5V / 30V limit switch is located in the rear panel of the 3005D host.


Model: SUGON 3005D

The input voltage: AC110V 50/60Hz  

                             AC220V 50/60Hz

(Connect the ground wire to avoid shock)

Fuse Type: 220V/5A


Power: 85W

Operation temperature: 200℃-500℃


Product Size: 165x140x110mm

Packing Size: 280x280x280mm

Net Weight: 2.18Kg

Gross Weight: 3.10Kg

Items included

1 x DC Power Supply Host Machine

1 x Power cord

1 x User Manual

1 x Magnetic Mat



Hard Carton Box packing

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