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Big Vacuum Pump - 4L
  • Big Vacuum Pump - 4L
  • Big Vacuum Pump - 4L
  • Big Vacuum Pump - 4L
  • Big Vacuum Pump - 4L
  • Big Vacuum Pump - 4L

Big Vacuum Pump - 4L

US Plug/110V
EU Plug/220V
UK Plug/220V
AU Plug/220V
GB Plug/220V

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Big Vacuum Pump - 4L


The big vacuum pump - Type 2 is used as vacuum supply for LCD OLED OCA lamination machine


● Current: 2.7A

● Power: 370W

● Rotating speed: 1400r/min

● Size: 48*15*23Cm

● Gross weight: 20KG

● Material: Iron, copper.

● Working environment: 10~35℃ , FFU dust-free clean room.

● Voltage:110V& 220V/50HZ

  (For 110V country /region, need work with 110V to 220V Converter)


The big vacuum pump - Type 2 is specifically use for curved OLED screen, and flat LCD screen repair.



EPE foam + plastic film + wooden box

Tips for operation

● Check the oil before operating, always keep the oil over the scale mark 

● Keep the tube higher than the pump entrance when install tubes, avoid oil exist in the tube and vacuum system  

● Install a valve on the pump entrance, turn off the valve before turn off the pump   

● Turn on the valve before turn on the pump, after turn on, start to operate when oil amount adjusted to the best

(Vacuum power may small if oil amount too low; function effect may exist if oil amount too high, also may lead to electrode overloading)

● (Note: check the oil amount regularly, can't lower than the scale mark; stop operating if room temperature too high) 

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